Creatine Cycle – Myth Or Not?

When it comes to using the popular and well-known supplement creatine, people tend to respond slightly differently to it. However, for the most part, the first time you take creatine, providing that you have been taking it correctly, will be very beneficial.

You are likely to see an increase in lean muscle mass gain. You may find that just within the first couple of weeks of supplementing with creatine that you are able to make vast improvements when it comes to your strength.

It may not necessarily be that you can use a lot more weight on a certain exercise. You may just be able to achieve more reps with a particular weight, your weight gain may be dramatic or it might not go up as high as you have heard others have. So you really just need to be aware of the fact that everyone’s bodies are different and therefore they are going to react slightly differently to the supplementation of creatine.

Is Creatine Cycle Effective?

A lot of people who take creatine for the first time are under the impression that they need to cycle it and take breaks from it without really knowing the reason why or when the correct time to take a break is. All they see is that they will see much better results if they were to take a break from supplementing with this product.

You may be wondering why some people recommend the creatine cycle. Well, people often say that if you take breaks from using this product, the kinds of results that you will see will be much better. The general idea behind this is that your body is going to get used to the creatine being in your body over a constant period of time. To the point where it is no longer going to be effective.

There are other people who believe in the creatine cycle in order to not have to experience any of the side effects. They say that taking breaks from creatine will ensure that they can remain completely safe from the side effects. The only issue with this reasoning for cycling with creatine is the fact that it is considered to be a safe supplement. In order for you to end up having to deal with some of the side effects that are associated with using this supplement, you would have to have long-term overdosing. Therefore this reasoning for cycling with creatine is not something that would apply to most people.

One of the situations that a lot of people often find themselves in is that they see something about a creatine cycle and they feel as though they themselves need to stop using it for a little while. If this is not done at an appropriate time, they may find that they are causing themselves more of a hindrance to their progress than anything else.

Another important thing to take into account is the fact that before you start worrying about when it is that you should cycle with creatine first, make sure that you understand how to use the supplement properly. Here is a guideline of how you can use creatine to be able to see the best kinds of results.

Creatine Loading And Maintenance Phase

If you are taking it for the first time, you should begin your supplementation with what is known as a loading phase. This is where you consume a total of 20g of creatine a day for around 5-7 days. Make sure that you spread out your doses with 5g split up four times a day.

Once you have done this, it is time to move on to the maintenance stage. This involves you having to take just 5g of creatine every day for a period that lasts anywhere between six and twelve weeks. After this period is up, take a break of around 2-4 weeks and then begin the process again.

This has been proven as the best way of taking creatine so we would advise trying this method out in order to get the best kinds of results.

Kyle Miguel
Kyle Miguel

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