winstrol for sale ukSteroids are a very peculiar part of bodybuilding; the mainstream media tries its best to pretend they don’t exist, yet virtually all of the top bodybuilders make use of them.

The main problem with steroids is that because they are illegal, information regarding them cannot be obtained from official sources but instead from un-official ones which are mostly user-posted articles. This can lead to misinformation being spread around which is why so many people are ignorant regarding the use of these powerful drugs. Hopefully through this article and the many related ones which I write, you will have a legitimate source of information to use when building or researching your steroid cycles.

This post will look at a very popular cutting steroid known as Winstrol, so make sure you pay attention to what I write.Please be aware that steroids are illegal and potentially dangerous drugs so keep this in mind before taking them. I do not condone nor promote the use of such drugs, but I do believe legit and correct information should be available related to them considering how many people use them.

One tip I can give you regarding steroid information is to never base off of a single source, but instead use multiple ones and see if the information matches. Everything I write here is based on my personal experience and also on information which I gathered over the years, and yes I have used steroids before. I have been training for 7 years, the first 3 of which were spent natural, so keep that in mind. I highly suggest you too spend at least 3 years natural before moving on to steroids as this will give you ample time to learn about supplements, nutrition, training and all of the other things needed for you to be successful.

Let’s get started now..

What is Winstrol – Stanozolol ?

Winstrol, known generically as Stanozolol, is a very popular steroid used by many people during their cutting cycles. Its use in bulking cycles is quite limited which makes it a one-trick-pony in this regard, however this isn’t really a problem since many other bulking drugs are available. Besides having great fat-loss properties this drug is also the most effective steroid in existence when it comes to lowering SHBG levels. When said levels are lowered the amount of free testosterone circulating through the body is increased, which is obviously a big plus. A significant lowering in SHBG levels was obtained with as little as .2mg/kg, meaning that it can be used in bulking cycles for this effect alone.

This steroid is available in three forms as far as I know: tablet, capsule, and injectable form. The tablet form, which is the most commonly used type of Winstrol, typically comes in a yellow color and can contain 10mg or 20mg per pill (I have never seen other variations). While I have never used the capsule version of this drug, I can tell from online sources that they mostly come in 50mg caps. There seems to be many fake products in this form so I would mostly avoid it.

The last kind of Winstrol available is the injectable version. The injectable version of this drug takes on the form of a white liquid very similar to milk and normally comes in 50mg/ml or 100mg/ml. This is the best version you can take as not only does it cause less stress on the liver, but also causes more nitrogen to be retained within the muscle while also increasing anabolism; the only negative part about injecting Winstrol is that it hurts a lot. One last thing I want to mention is that some people drink this liquid instead of injecting it. Some claim it has the same effect, while others claim it is less effective; I personally wouldn’t choose to drink it.

Winstrol – Stanozolol Uses and Cycles

As mentioned previously Winstrol is mostly used in cutting cycles and like most other steroids out there it can cause your natural hormone production to become suppressed. Because of this, it is generally recommended to stack it with testosterone in order to avoid potential sexual dysfunction.

When I used this drug I took 100 mg EOD (injectable) along with 125 mg of testosterone propionate, also EOD. The results were quite noticeable, but if you need a little more you can also stack the previously mentioned compounds with Trenbolone or Masteron.

Winstrol – Stanozolol Side Effects

Unknown to most people, Winstrol is actually one of the most toxic steroids available today, although it can be made a little less toxic by going for the injectable version. It also has a negative effect on cholesterol even at low dosages, and can cause Cardiac Hypertrophy. Another very common side effect of this drug is that it causes joints to become drier, which is why strength-based or running-based athletes should not take this drug.

That’s all guys; I hope you have found this article useful. Let me know if you have anything to add or have something to ask by leaving a comment below. Thanks and see you next time!