The Protein Works

As its name suggests, The Protein Works contributes to the fitness market with innovative and original products aimed at quality and value. The three founders: Karl, Mark, and Nick have the vision to provide exceptional products that work and continue to work with athletes, scientists, and teams to make every product effective. The goal is to exceed customer expectations by working closely with customers and listening to comments and reviews, in order to consistently raise the bar in providing nutrition supplements.

After all, The Protein Works has its own manufacturing facility that provides the requirements of exceptional quality while keeping your money in mind. The way the production goes is clear: Simplicity is key. Honesty is the best policy with all of the protein products, and you know which protein you are getting and the amounts of purely natural flavourings in each supplement.

While most brands refuse to include the full list of all ingredients, The Protein Works makes sure you know which flavourings are included and that no unnecessary fillers or unhealthy thickeners, commonly found in many other supplements, are used.

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Products Value, Quality And Innovation

You can be assured that reading the ingredients label will be of supreme use to you, and there will be transparency in what is used. The Protein Works uses you, the customer, as the main source of information and feedback. That is why it has never been easier to get through to the company regarding any feedback or issues. You can contact the customer service and representative team via telephone or email; by leaving a comment or product review, or contacting customer support to share complaints or advice whenever you feel ready. Each word is taken into consideration and that is what makes Protein Works customer care so efficient.

The Protein Works value for money is another great feature that makes it distinguishable from competitors and provides an incentive for purchasing their products. While lower prices usually indicate cheaper ingredients or quantities of fillers, The Protein Works provide high quality at the cheapest possible price. A fair value properly indicates substance quality and nutrition and the transparency on the label will show you exactly what you are paying for. You can also benefit from a free shaker added to every purchase above £40 and free delivery when the order is above £50.

Perhaps the greatest reason for the great price-to-quality ratio is the in-house manufacturing, where The Protein Works does not outsource any production and keeps it right at TPW headquarters. This is to ensure quality is met, while also committing to its capabilities by investing greatly in its resources. The reason? The Protein Works team love sports nutrition and know what it is like to consume high-quality products that are necessary for optimal performance and health.

The in-house manufacturing also prevents any outsourcing to unnecessary third parties, cutting the delivery chain in half and assuring quality with each product. The flexibility in production results in lower costs that are passed on to customers and the teamwork with athletes and professionals help produce quality nutritional supplements that meet their requirements.

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TPW Principles Of Pure, Proven, Personal

The Protein Works follow the principles of Pure, Proven, and Personal. All three principles are presented on each product label and allow you to see what quality and innovation you are getting with each supplement. Taking TPW popular product, Whey Protein 80 Concentrate, there are distinct features in its nutritional profile.

Under its Pure profile, you will find information on TPW manufacturing and delivery, along with the facts of 100% natural flavourings without unnatural fillers.

Under Proven, the ingredient sourcing is allocated to a fully accredited and approved supplier. The whey protein is also independently certified with full documentation proof provided.

Underneath Personal, TPW makes sure it is known that there is a full money back guarantee for the whey protein acknowledging full confidence in its product effectiveness, taste, and texture. You can find similar labels with the three philosophies on each and every label for the available products.

Beyond exceptional product quality and great value, The Protein Works offers great incentive and discount schemes for even greater savings and better value on products. These include the Student Discount Scheme and Referral Scheme.

The Protein Works Student Discount Scheme

The Protein works Student DiscountThe Discount Scheme by TPW for students is another great addition to a brand focused on saving you money. After all, the in-house production and advanced manufacturing allow them to save costs and generate even profit per product. The student discount in association with UNiDAY allows students to claim exclusive discounts across a wide range of nutrition products for only a limited time.

Register with UNiDAYS and redeem your discount code to generate a whopping 30% savings discount! Being a hard-working student has never been easier- all it requires for instant access is a registration and login. Definitely, do check out this scheme if you are still studying- it is only for a limited time!

The Protein Works Referral Scheme

The Protein Works Referral CodeIf you do not happen to be a student, there is still hope for you. The Protein Works Referral Scheme allows you to “Build the tribe” with benefits including free cash vouchers and free protein! TPW knows customers are the best forms of marketing and they will reward you nicely for your efforts and loyalty. Successfully refer a friend, have them spend over £10 and you will receive £5 absolutely free.

Your referral gains the option of free protein, with choices between the award winning Whey Protein 360 or 5 of the popular Whey Protein 360 i-shakes. Make yourself popular enough with your referral efforts and you could have £5 vouchers flowing your way and opportunity to get quality supplements for free.


1. Are The Protein Works products good and safe?

The Protein Works products are absolutely safe due to the use of only natural ingredients without any synthetic fillers and preservatives. TPW Protein products are some of the cleanest and nutritious kinds you will find. What makes The Protein Works products particularly effective is the in-house manufacturing facility that allows for lower costs and efficient production; which enables the savings to be passed on to you.

2. Do The Protein Works products work?

The Protein Works products are both effective and high quality due to great manufacturing methods and dedication to customer service. TPW knows the importance of customers and how a loyalty and referrals can benefit spreading their word. As a result, you can be assured top quality supplements that are free from unnatural substances.

3. Is The Protein Works a legit company?

The Protein Works is a legitimate company due to the product composition of clean and nutritional ingredients, absolutely free from banned or unnatural fillers. TPW also makes sure to provide a detailed ingredients label spreading the philosophies of Pure, Proven, and Personal. Such transparency makes The Protein Works a great option to purchase nutritional supplements.

4. Who owns The Protein Works?

The Protein Works is a British online retailer and nutrition brand based in Cheshire, England. Founder Mark Coxhead along with co-founders Karl Jacobie and Nick Smith have dedicated their time and investments to produce and distribute some of the purest and highest quality supplements.


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