stanozolol offerWhen it comes to using a Stanozolol cycle it should be noted that it is a very difficult task when trying to determine exactly how someone is going to react to the anabolic steroid, this is due to the fact that each person is different and therefore they are going to have different experiences with their steroid cycles.

Stanozolol is most commonly referred to as Winstrol and it is one of the most popular anabolic steroids around due to the fact that it has been seen to have been used by many famous people over the years as well as the fact that it is able to produce some great results in terms of fat loss, muscle preservation, speed and stamina. But the kinds of results that you want to receive from this anabolic steroid will highly depend on what your goals are and how you go about using a Stanozolol only cycle.

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Stanozolol tends to be used most frequently by bodybuilders who are getting ready for a competition, so when they are in the process of their cutting cycle. During this time they are attempting to lose body fat whilst at the same time trying to preserve their lean muscle mass, during a cutting phase this can sometimes prove to be quite a hard task due to the fact that their calories are restricted.

They are in a caloric deficit in order to be able to lose fat, therefore their bodies are going to be more catabolic than it was during the bulking stage. This is good up until a certain point because it enables them to be able to lose fat, but if this is not done correctly, it could lead to them losing muscle as well. This is where the Stanozolol cycle comes into play. It provides them with the ability to be able to lose fat whilst keeping their hard earned lean muscle tissue.

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Stanozolol Cycle For Men – Facts, Dosage And Effects Review

Stanozolol cycles during someone’s cutting phase includes the user taking either the tablet form or the liquid form. There are in fact a number of different forms in which this anabolic steroid is available in however the majority of people tend to stick with the oral form (the tablets) or the injectable option (the liquid) because of the fact that these are the ones which have been proven over and over again to produce the best kinds of results.

An oral Stanozolol cycle, as well as the injectable cycle, has both been found to help to increase the levels of testosterone within the body. This is crucial during a cutting period due to the fact that the body is then able to use up this extra testosterone to help it preserve the lean muscle tissue.

Stanozolol CycleMost bodybuilders tend to go with the liquid form of Stanozolol because of the fact that it is able to reach the bloodstream almost instantly when it is injected, although the overall results found from people who use the injectable form and the oral form are usually about the same so it ultimately comes down to a matter of personal preference. The oral form is a little more convenient to take however it has some major downfalls.

Such as the fact that it causes more damage to the liver than the liquid form, this is because of the fact that it is a part of the chemical group known as 17aa, it has to be changed to be a part of this chemical group otherwise if you were to ingest it, it would not be able to reach the bloodstream without being eradicated. This chemical alteration acts as a protective layer around the tablet so that it is able to work effectively. This is one of the reasons as to why people choose the injectable version instead as it is less likely for them to cause as much impairment towards their liver.

It is a known fact that, for the most part, women are more sensitive to the effects of anabolic steroids than men are. This means that males are able to take higher doses of it and this is no exception when it comes to Stanozolol, the recommended dosage for men is 50mg a day for a cycle length of eight weeks, it is important to know that if you carry on your cycle past this duration of time, you would just be putting yourself at risk of causing some further liver damage. You see, during your use of Stanozolol, you will be putting a certain amount of stress on your liver anyway, but this damage can be limited as long as you do not exceed the maximum Stanozolol dosage and the damage caused is also able to revert back to normal once you have stopped your cycle. Provided that the damage was not too serious to begin with.

We want to end off by mentioning that we do not condone the use of anabolic steroids because for the people who do not know how to use them properly and safely, they can end up causing themselves a lot of damage. Not to mention the fact that they are illegal in many places but we believe that if people are going to use them, they should be equipped with the right kind of information to be able to carry out their cycles safely.




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