dianabol ukNaposim, also known amongst many as Dbol, Metanabol or Dianabol, is an oral steroid that has a very big effect on the process of protein synthesis as well as the metabolic rate in your body.

Due to the fact that Naposim has an effect on the crucial process of protein synthesis, this means that it supports muscle building as it helps with the build-up of protein in the body which is used for helping you to not only repair muscle, but to help it grow.

Naposim is a very potent anabolic androgenic steroid that has such a large effect on the user if it is used correctly that it gives them the ability to be able to improve on their strength gains as well as helping them to increase their muscle mass within a very short amount of time, users have reported that they have seen results within just the first two to four weeks of their cycle.

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Naposim Cycle Length, Dosage And Side Effects

Within the first six weeks of a naposim cycle, it is quite normal for users to notice that they are gaining around 2-4 pounds of weight per week, of course not all of this is pure muscle mass but a lot of it is however, some of this weight is also made up of water weight or what is otherwise commonly referred to as water retention. It is for this reason that naposim may not be the best anabolic steroid to use during a contest preparation stage or whenever you are deciding to go on a cut because of the fact that this effect of water retention can potentially make it seem as though you are bloated.

Although these effects can be avoided in most cases if you take something like proviron or tamoxifen at the same time as you are cycling with naposim, for some people, they can even use naposim up until around three days before the contest date. The main reasons behind using naposim during the run up to a competition is due to the fact that it helps you to be able to maintain as much muscle mass and strength as you had before you started dieting.

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This may seem like quite a hard task for people who are cutting as when you are in this stage, your calories are restricted so you are no longer able to support the process of muscle building, all you can really do is try your best to maintain the lean muscle tissue that you worked so hard to add on during the offseason as well as trying to keep up with the same kind of strength that you had before as well, so this is where naposim can become very useful.

Some of the most common daily dosages that people tend to stick with range quite a lot just because of the simple fact that everyone’s body reacts differently and people may need to change their dosages depending what their goals are and what they are trying to achieve. An effective daily dose for athletes or bodybuilders is anywhere between 15 and 60mg of naposim per day, if you are a novice at using naposim, there really is no point going above 60mg per day as this dose is more than enough to help you achieve your goals. Going any higher than this does not mean that you are going to be able to see more improvements as a results because after a certain point it will just stop being effective over the course of a cycle length, which for naposim is around eight to ten weeks.

When some people notice that the kinds of results that they are seeing begin to slow down after a certain period of time, usually around the eight week mark, they may want to try and continue their treatment, the first thing that you may think of doing is to increase the dosage, but if you are already at the maximum dosage, there really is no point in doing this. Instead you can opt dianabol before after phototo stack naposim with various other steroids to try and maximise your results even further, some examples of things that can combine along with your normal dosages of Naposim include taking 200mg of Deca durabolin in total each week or something like Primobolan also for 200mg in total per week. I would not recommend that the user takes testosterone to stack with Naposim at this stage in particular just due to the fact that they would benefit more if they were to save this for later on.

Those examples of stacks that I mentioned above are ones that can be used to great effect if you are looking to improve your muscle mass, however, if you are someone who is more concerned with your strength gains rather than the muscle gains, you may want to decide to combine Naposim with various other steroids.

Many people trying to improve their strength combine naposim along with oxandrolone or winstrol tablets however for even better results, people often find that combing naposim with a liquid steroid is more effective, although this does involve you having to measure out your doses and administer it yourself with a needle, so it if for this reason that many people decide that they just want to go with the tablet forms, also, it is because of the fact that it is a little more convenient if all you have to do if remember to take your tablet as the doses are already measured out for you.

Now I want to make it clear that I do not condone the use of anabolic steroids but I think that if you are going to use them, you should be aware of what is involved with them so that you can understand how to use them safely.