dianabol ukMetanabol is one of the many brand names given to the anabolic steroid Methandrostenolone, some of the other common names that it is referred to as are Dianabol or Dbol.

Metanabol was actually the second ever anabolic steroid to have ever been produced and today it is usually found in the form of either a tablet, where it is administered orally, or the original liquid form where users have to administer it by injecting it with a needle.

This anabolic steroid is a very powerful one and can produce some great results in terms of when someone is looking to make improvements on their strength gains as well as being able to notice huge differences in the amount of muscle mass that they are able to put on.

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However, due to the fact that Metanabol is such a potent anabolic steroid, this means that it has the potential to be very dangerous as it can affect things such as your blood pressure by increasing it and it can also be quite toxic towards your liver. Therefore I would always recommend that when using such a strong anabolic steroid as Metanabol, you should never go over the recommended dosage, which is around 60mg per day, as you would just be increasing your chances of going through some of the side effects associated with Metanabol.

Having said that, it has been known for people to go up to 100mg per day and not have experienced any of the side effects, so you really do have to pay very close attention to your body and how it reacts to the Metanabol. This anabolic steroid is used for a number of reasons, the main reasons are to use it as a kick starter to your cycle, maintain your muscle mass and strength whilst you are on a cutting phase and to give you the ability to be able to add muscle mass and increase your strength as well.

Metanabol Cycle Length And Dosage

First of all, if you are a newbie to anabolic steroids, you may be wondering what is involved with kick starting your cycle. It is basically a way of trying to get the best kinds of results as possible by combining an oral steroid that starts to get to work very quickly, such as Metanabol, along with a longer lasting steroid that is in a liquid form, so something like testosterone.

The oral steroid is taken at the beginning at the same time as you are taking the liquid form, the reason behind this is that the oral form of Metanabol tends to work very quickly, people start noticing results within the first 2-4 weeks of their cycle, this is due to the fact that Metanabol has a very short half-life of just five to six hours so it does not waste any time to start providing you with results.

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The liquid anabolic steroid is taken at the same time as you are taking the oral ones because of the fact that they usually take longer to start producing results, the results that you notice form the tablet forms of Metanabol are great at the start but may slowly start to fizzle out, however, you would not notice that the steroids have started to stop taking their effect as the injectable form would by now have started to get to work.

So kick starting your cycle is a simple way of just ensuring that you are able to see progress and results throughout the entirety of your cycle, not just as the beginning or towards the end. For the majority of people, they would be taking around 25-50mg of Metanabol per day for the first four weeks of their cycle, this duration of time is roughly the amount of time that your body needs in order to be able to give you the best kinds of results.

If you want to switch over to other cycles after taking Metanabol, it is crucial that you now properly how to do it otherwise it could lead to some muscle tissue being lost on the way. Basically, you need be give your natural hormone levels a chance to dianabol before after photorecover before you decide to start your next cycle, in order to do this, you can use a low dose of Metanabol, around 10mg per day, along with a post cycle therapy steroid, so something that is more aggressive.

Many people have reported the fact that they have used clomid as a post cycle therapy and the reason as to why it is recommended to use more of an aggressive post cycle therapy drug is because of the fact that it helps you to be able to maintain the progress that you made whilst you were on the Metanabol cycle.

Clearly, Metanabol is a great option if you are a bodybuilder due to the fact that many of its benefits are just about perfect for someone who is bulking however there are some people who can use it to their advantage during their cutting period as it helps them to maintain their strength and muscle mass, however, for the majority of people they end up getting water retention and looking bloated so that is why most people stay away from it when getting ready for a show.

I want to quickly mention that I do not condone the use of anabolic steroids and I recommend that if you are going to use them, be sure to do your research.