anavar for sale online1964 was the year in which Anavar was first produced and at the time it was used for more medical reasons but now it is used by bodybuilders and athletes all over the world and is quickly becoming one the most popular anabolic steroids on the market.

The reason for this anabolic steroid’s popularity rapidly being spread is because of the fact that both males and females are able to gain the benefits from this drug with a small chance of having to go through any of the unpleasant side effects associated with Anavar.

The effects of liquid Anavar can be noticed within a fairly short amount of time after taking it, usually around the nine hour mark, this duration of time is its half-life and because this is so short, it means that users have to make sure they take their dose of Anavar everyday otherwise its effects just will not be as noticeable.

For males using Anavar, they often decide to split up their doses into having it twice a day because their doses are higher than women’s because of the fact that they are far more tolerant to it because it is one of the mildest anabolic steroids amongst the bodybuilding and athletic community. By splitting the doses up into twice per day, the effects of Anavar for a male are maximised even further because it is in their bloodstream at a more stable and constant rate.

cutting stack with anavar

For females on the other hand, they do not need to worry about splitting their doses up to try and optimise their results even more, their doses are around 10mg per day and taking this amount once per day will give them the same results that they would see if they were to split up their doses to take it twice a day.

Anavar Liquid vs Pills ?

First of all, there is no real difference in the kinds of results that you will gain from Anavar whether it be in its pill or liquid form. However, for the majority of Anavar users, they decide to use the pill form because of the simple fact that it makes their job of administering the correct doses a whole lot easier because of the fact that it is already measure out for them. So your chances of overdosing as a result of inaccurate dosages is prevented from happening and the pill form of Anavar is available more widely compared to the liquid form, which is another simple reason as to why the Anavar tablets are more popular.

The only real reason why people decide to use liquid Anavar is because they prefer to inject it rather than taking it orally as this can lead to some liver damage, although in the case of Anavar, this amount of liver damage is actually quite minimal. With liquid Anavar, the doses are not already measured out for you, so you have to make sure that you are able to properly administer the correct amount of Anavar that you need which may be more time consuming, so it just comes down to personal preference as to why people decide to use the liquid form over the tablets. There is no real advantage to either or.

Anavar has gained the nickname of the “girl steroid” because of the fact that it is one of the only anabolic steroids where women can use it and see results with minimal side effects. They can also gain benefits from Anavar during any time, as in they can see anavar results befor and after photosresults during both their cutting and bulking phases. Considering the fact that Anavar is widely used as a fat burner, women can actually gain some lean muscle tissue during the offseason and be able to be more effective at losing body fat as well as maintaining their lean muscle mass when they are cutting.

For a male on the other hand, they can only really benefit from Anavar during their cutting periods as it can help them to reach their targets of losing body fat because their metabolic rate is increased which basically speeds up the process of losing fat. But in the offseason, when they are eating a excess amount of calories to support their training of trying to get stronger and put on muscle mass, Anavar just is not the right anabolic steroid for them because of the fact that it is just not strong enough to be able to enhance a male’s performance in any way during their bulking periods. They would benefit more from something like Dianabol which helps to increase muscle mass and improve strength gains, Anavar just would not be worth the money for most men when they are in their offseason.

Side Effects of Liquid Anavar

Just because of the fact that Anavar is known to be one of the weakest anabolic steroids, it has also gained the reputation of not having any harmful side effects, this is false of course so you should be aware of some of the main side effects as they could potentially have quite a negative impact on your health if you just ignore them.

High blood pressure and cholesterol are amongst the most common side effects if you overdose with Anavar, if you notice that that these things have shot up to an alarming level, either decrease your dose or stop the cycle completely and ask your doctor about what steps you should take next to keep yourself safe. One of the main things here is that if you know you have had high cholesterol of blood pressure in the past, I would advise you not to use Anavar altogether because you will just be increasing your chances of having to deal with these issues again.