Bulk Powders UK brand

Bulk Powders is a very popular producer of high-quality supplements with a tremendous following due to its low prices and quality products offered around the clock. With such a high competition in the UK and heavyweight supplement providers all vying for the top spot; Bulk Powders distinguishes itself in quite a few areas.

Founded in 2005, Bulk Powders has been a consistent sports nutrition provider with the main factory in Essex. Bulk Powders claim to have the highest quality products at the lowest price. Quite bold claims, although the company prides itself on that very initiative. In order to provide the high-quality items at the lowest possible price, there are distinguished competencies that give Bulk Powders an edge in manufacturing and delivery.

Bulk Powders has also been recognised for its cutting-edge quality and service, winning multiple awards pertaining to muscle fitness and nutrition guidelines. As a 2013 winner of Best Sports Nutrition Brand (Natural Muscle Forum) and 2014 winner for two products in Men’s Health Supplement Awards; along with multiple finalist awards and top ranking Essex nutrition provider award. Bulk Powders has the accomplishments to back up its claims as a top-ranking supplements provider in the United Kingdom.

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Supplements Range, Prices And Delivery

Bulk Powders has a fantastic delivery chain; priding itself on selling directly to you! Most of the products are produced in-house, and the savings on the overheads and extra expenses are what allow them to provide lower prices for its customers. They seem to understand what it takes to provide cheaper supplements to appease the majority of fitness heads.

Cheaper manufacturing and delivery costs will always result in cheaper prices for consumers. Bulk Powders also seem to negotiate better than the rest, with capabilities of providing its top class nutrition at the lowest raw material costs. This can only explain the great prices offered for their variety of products; which are often offered in bulk. With each bulk purchase, you are legible for discounts to further provide you great value for your money.

They also have dedicated page with bulk discounts – to encourage you to stock up on sport nutrition goodies. With such a massive selection of products, it is nearly impossible to not have a field day when browsing through their product lists. They offer an assortment of protein products; ranging from egg proteins, gluten-free, vegetarian, and all-natural protein supplements to help meet your nutritional goals. Whether also looking for performance supplements or a massive range of food choices; Bulk Powders can be your go-to source for nutrition and supplement needs.

Order before 8 pm, and expect an almost guaranteed delivery the very next day! Any £49 or above purchases will have that delivery service absolutely free. With such a great delivery service paired with a fantastic mix of quality and value, it is no wonder Bulk Powders is becoming the first name on the tongues of many fitness rats in the UK.

Referral Rewards

Bulk Powders has a great Referral Rewards program which allows discounts for you and your friends with each successful referral. Earn £10 for each friend you introduce to Bulk Powders; along with benefits your friend with 25% off their very first order. With almost a quarter of the price and accumulation of ten pounds at a time, this makes a fun referral program that will help you save even more on already great priced products.

Expect constant information with the latest deals and information on the newest products to keep you updated on your quest to dominate your fitness goals. Simply enter your details and subscribe to the referral program to start earning your rewards and becoming a valuable member of Bulk Powders community.

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Student Discount scheme

Bulk Powders also offers a fantastic discount scheme, targeting students who want to follow their fitness dreams whilst remaining in tune with their studies. Register with the scheme and attain a private ID code to achieve a whopping 20% discount! Simply verify your student status and enjoy massive discounts on a variety of products.

Expect protein powders in the price range of £18 per 500g, and various other products located in the “Student Zone”, you will be assured of the lowest prices on the market. If you are a student and need supplements without breaking your bank, Bulk Powders may be the right choice for you. It is no wonder many athletes in the UK are dedicating themselves to Bulk Powders – nothing appeals more than top quality supplementation at even better prices.

Bulk Powders vs Myprotein

While Myprotein has a fantastic reputation in terms of product quality, texture, and taste Bulk Powders takes value to another level. There is a multitude of discounts, schemes, and deals you can expect when searching through the BP catalogue; and it remains a truly distinguished provider. While you cannot go wrong with either brand, expect better savings when purchasing BP products and a top quality that competes well with the rest of the competitors.

Bulk Powders also has the edge in delivery, due to its high standard in making sure the products have arrived on time and all customer service has been taken care of. Consider checking prices of similar products as the major deciding factor between the two, otherwise, expect Bulk Powders to provide you with top customer service and delivery if there aren’t any special deals that sway you one way or the other.


1. Are Bulk Powders products good and safe?

Bulk Powder products are safe, effective, and maintain top quality through a consumer-centred initiative to cut costs and provide top class service. The products are always formed with great ingredients, and you can expect quality with each purchase. For vegans or ingredient-intolerant consumers out there, they provide a wide range of products that are suitable for your needs. Perfectly safe products include dairy and gluten free, with alternatives such as beef or egg protein.

2. Do Bulk Powders products work?

They offer a variety of products directed towards your fitness goals. For muscle gain, there is a massive supply of foods and powders that stimulate growth, promote recovery, and provide energy for your workouts. Bulk Powders offer a massive selection of protein products that are gluten, dairy, and vegan-friendly; along with many other specifics. You can also find supplements fit for your cutting or weight loss goals; such as effective fat burners and low-calorie foods that are also effective in controlling calories. They also provide consumers with a variety of fitness wear for all sizes for the loyal customers out there.

3. Is Bulk Powders a legit company?

Bulk Powders is a legitimate company that has been trading for over 12 years, with a fantastic reputation and reputable ratings from consumers all over the UK. This Essex-based company has managed to extend its operations from a small studio-sized factory into a massive supplier of world class supplements.

4. Who owns Bulk Powders?

It is owned by entrepreneur Adam Rossiter and co-founder Elliot Dawes; forming a multi-million-pound company from a small family loan.
Bulk Powders is also a member of ESSNA (European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance), a European specialist in sports nutrition.


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