anavar-for-sale-onlineOxandrolone is what Anavar is commonly referred to as and it is one of the brand names that is associated with Oxandrolone.

There are actually a surprising amount of people who have used Anavar tablets who both end up with opposite opinions, some people think that it is a very effective steroid whereas others feel as though its effectiveness is just quite poor.

This is why there is so much confusion around this anabolic steroid, Anavar, so hopefully we will be able to clear a few things up about Anavar pills. Although there is some confusion about the overall effectiveness of Anavar, there is no confusion in the fact that it is one of the mildest anabolic steroids available. It is for this reason that it is a good option for anyone who has not taken any type of steroid before because Anavar is the least likely out of them all to cause any problems.

Anavar Tablets Dosage, Cycle And Side Effects

However, this principle only works as long as you remain responsible when using Anavar tablets and do not exceed the recommended dose as this could lead to some serious health problems. So just because of the fact that Anavar is a weak steroid, it does not necessarily mean that it is completely safe for you to use, so if you do consume more than the recommended dosage, do not expect to be 100 per cent fine, because the chances are that you may experience some of the side effects related to Anavar.

cutting stack with anavar

Even though these side effects may seem quite small in comparison to the side effects of more potent steroids such as tren, they are still negative side effects nonetheless that can have an unhealthy impact on your body. Anavar tablets in the form of their pharmaceutical grade tend to be sold in pills containing 2.5mg of Anavar, which is the recommended low dose and the reason why Anavar is now known as being a mild steroid. I think it goes without saying that a bodybuilder would simply be wasting his or her time trying to gain results from taking such low doses of Anavar. Even if they were to take 10, pharmaceutical grade pills per day, it will likely not be enough for a male who would typically be on a dose of anywhere between 25 and 50mg of Anavar each day, some more experienced bodybuilders have been known to go up to 100mg of Anavar per day.

However, this kind of dose is well over the recommended dose, these kinds of people can go up to these high dosages because of the fact that they are far more experienced and have been able to evaluate how their bodies react to large quantities of Anavar so it is therefore not recommended for a newcomer to jump to 100mg per day as they would undoubtedly notice some harmful Anavar side effects that could become quite serious.

For the vast majority of bodybuilders using Anavar tablets, the pharmaceutical grade is not the way for them to go because of the fact that the pills are sold in such low doses that the cost of buying enough of the steroid may not even be worthwhile for them. It is for this reason that many people turn to underground labs who sell Anavar on the black market. They are aware that people are looking for higher dosed Anavar pills therefore they produce them to be sold in pills that vary in terms of how much of the steroid they contain from between 25 and 50mg per tablet.

anavar results befor and after photosThe main issue that arises from buying Anavar pills from the black market is the fact that it can be an extremely difficult task in finding an underground lab that is legit and produces the amount of Anavar that they say they do. See, the thing is that most products on the black market are counterfeit and when it comes to steroids, you will often be sold lower doses of the drug than what you were told, this then leads to inaccurate dosing and the buyer feeling as though they are not seeing any results from the steroid.

This is actually one of the main reasons why there is such a debate over the effectiveness of Anavar, because a lot of people buying Anavar pills from the black market are being deceived into thinking that they are consuming more of the steroid than they actually are which leads them to believe the steroid is not working for them and they think it is because Anavar is known as a weak steroid.

Are Anavar Tablets Safe?

Well, it really depends on the doses, but even in the low doses there are some potential health concerns. Originally, Anavar tablets were actually produced in order to treat people who were suffering from diseases such as AIDS and various other diseases that were causing muscle wastage amongst patients.

The anabolic capabilities of Anavar were utilised for people to help them re-grow their lost muscle as a result of their disease, a patient would take between 2.5mg and 5mg of Anavar pills per day and even then there were some things that were affecting the liver. Although in such low doses the effects on the liver would not have been anything that would hugely impact the individual’s health, the risk was still there. So from a bodybuilder’s perspective, taking between 25 and 50mg of Anavar per day may lead to liver issues and even higher than this may lead to liver toxicity problems.

For any anabolic oral steroid, do not exceed the recommended dose of 50mg per day otherwise you will experience some of the side effects related to the drug, this includes Anavar, so I cannot condone the use of anabolic steroids but hopefully by reading this article it has cleared some things up about Anavar tablets.