anavar-for-sale-onlineAnavar is one of the milder anabolic steroids out there and because of this, more females are able to cycle on this steroid without experiencing a lot of the nastier side effects that they would if they were to cycle on some of the stronger anabolic steroids.

This is why it is also called the “girl steroid”, simply because women can handle it, however, this does not mean that there are no side effects at all that can cause some harm to your body, especially if you are unaware of some of the dangers of being on an Anavar cycle.

Having said that some of these Anavar side effects may be quite small in comparison to some of the other anabolic steroids out there but I just want to make it clear that just because this is a weaker steroid, don’t be fooled into thinking that abusing this steroid won’t have some sort of negative effect on your body.

Potential Anavar Side Effects For Men And Women

Considering that this is the “girl steroid”, let’s begin with something that could directly affect them. Becoming more masculine. There is a substance called androgen within Anavar that can cause females to have some masculine traits, only if the Anavar is taken excessively and without proper knowledge of how to cycle with it and dosages etc. Some of these masculine traits that some females may notice are that their voice becomes deeper, their clitoris is enlarged, they notice their scalp is losing hair and they have more body hair.

Although some women may see some of these side effects to be more drastic than others, so it really depends on the person, but generally speaking, if females even have any side effects, they are some of the more worrying ones but the majority of people who are on an Anavar cycle do not even notice a single side effect. One of the most important things here to remember is that these side effects can be stopped in their tracks and you can go back to normal as long as you discontinue the use of Anavar.

cutting stack with anavar

Other most common Anavar side effects are high blood pressure and high cholesterol. If you have had issues with high blood pressure and cholesterol in previous years, then you are more likely to experience these side effects but I would say that if your problems were quite severe, you may not want to take Anavar as it could cause you even more health problems. If you are going anywhere above 100mg per day, you are just increasing your chances of having some side effects as a results of taking too much Anavar, if you stay within the recommended dose then your health should remain intact because it is quite a mild steroid.

Here is a little list of some of the other, potential Anavar side effects that you may experience:

  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Decreased levels of testosterone (nothing that would hugely impact you because of the weakness of Anavar)

You may be thinking to yanavar side effects and resultsourself about what kind of cycles people tend to use whilst on this “girl steroid” and it varies depending on whether the person is a male or a female, they would be taking their dosages orally as Anavar is available in a pill form.

For a female, they would be on an Anavar cycle for a six week period, most likely in the run up to a completion because of the results Anavar produces but you’ll see more about that soon. The dosage would be anywhere from 10-20 mg per day, any more than this and the person just increases their chances of having to go through some of the side effects that have already been mentioned.

Males would be on a significantly higher dose, again, most likely in the run up to a competition, because they just are not as sensitive to Anavar as females are so in order to see some of the results they are hoping for, they will be taking between 50-100mg of Anavar each day. The cycle will also last six weeks as research has shown that being on Anavar for too long does not mean that you will see results on a consistent basis, your body will eventually start getting used to it.

Anavar Side Effects vs Results

The results will be different as it depends on what time they are an Anavar cycle because people will notice different changes when on Anavar when they are cutting and when they are bulking. Some of the Anavar results you can expect to see if you are a female, during the off-season is increased lean muscle tissue, however during a cut, the results can far more utilised because Anavar anavar results befor and after photosincludes properties such as fat burning and increases your ability to preserve lean muscle mass. Therefore, for bodybuilders or physique competitors getting ready for a show, Anavar is going to so much more beneficial to them when they are cutting.

During a bulk, you want to put on muscle mass and strength right? Well Anavar is not really going to help you out here because of its weakness, although like I mentioned earlier, females can put on some lean muscle tissue, males on the other hand will most likely not see any noticeable results from Anavar during the off-season.

So, if you think Anavar is the right option for you, now you are aware of some of the potential Anavar side effects that you may or may not experience, be wary about when you time your cycle and be responsible and safe when being on any type of anabolic steroid.