anavar-for-sale-onlineAs long as you are able to complete a successful cycle, which you’ll learn a little more about later on, you can expect some pretty good results from being on an Anavar cycle but you’ve got to know what time to utilise it to make the Anavar results a whole lot better for you.

Typically, for a bodybuilder, they would take Anavar during a cutting period. This is for number of reasons, one of the main ones being that Anavar allows you to remain fuller when you are on stage because when bodybuilders are getting prepared for a show, they will have been in a caloric deficit for a certain amount of time leading up to the competition, so a lot of people find that their muscles appear to be flat and have lost some of the shape and fullness they had in the off-season.

By using Anavar, they are able to bring more of that shape and size to the stage whilst remaining ripped! Restricting calories for such a long duration of time can lead to catabolism, which is basically where the body eats at itself because it is not getting the amount of food it needs, this is bad news for a bodybuilder as it would mean a loss in the amount of muscle mass that they bring to the stage.

Anavar Results – Men and Women Bulking Cycle

You may be wondering if there are any benefits to using Anavar during the bulking season, to be completely honest, the Anavar results for males are minimal because Oxandrolone is such a weak steroid that it won’t really make a difference to their size and strength goals, which is something they would be focusing on in the off-season. However, when it comes to Anavar for women, females can expect to see some noticeable results from Anavar because it’s one of the only anabolic steroid that they can tolerate. The amount of lean muscle tissue they can put on will be increased as their bodies respond better to Anavar.

cutting stack with anavar

Anavar Results – Male and Female Cutting Cycle

As you now know, Anavar is typically used by male bodybuilders during their cutting phase, most of these men will be on 50-80mg of Anavar per day and women will usually take between 10-20mg per day and their cycles last for six weeks, any longer than this and you may experience some of the side effects that you’ll find out more about soon. For males, they will typically start an Anavar cycle four weeks before their show date so that they can time it right with their diet plan and the level anavar results befor and after photosof conditioning they want to bring to their bodies to get the best results they can possibly gain from Anavar.

Another benefit to using Anavar in the cutting phase is the fact that is preserves muscle tissue, which can easily be lost when dieting down and depleting your calories, so bodybuilders can keep all of that muscle that they gained during the off-season and they are able to burn more fat as Anavar contains the oxandrolone hormone. This is a great thing for competitive bodybuilders because their metabolic activity is heightened so they can lose fat and keep a lot of their muscle, which enables them to have a more solid physique and they don’t have to sacrifice some of their muscle to come in a bit more shredded when they are on Anavar because of its muscle preservation qualities.

As mentioned before it is pretty much a waste of time and money for males to be on Anavar during their bulking phase as the results are quite minimal because Anavar is known as a “girl steroid” because it is fairly mild. The cost just isn’t worth the reward, for example, it costs two dollars for a 10mg pill, and a male would usually be on 50-80mg per day or even more if they were bulking to see any kind of difference, so this would become expensive very quickly and the benefits are honestly close to non-existent.

Anavar Results vs Side Effects

So, you may be worried as to what some of the side effects to taking Anavar could be, and well there is not too much to worry about here however you still need to take precaution and be responsible in order to prevent any of the negative side effects of taking Anavar. So do not make the mistake of thinking that just because Anavar is the “girl steroid” and it is mild that it cannot really harm you, because it can but these side effects can easily be reversed as long as you take immediate action.

One of the most uncommon side effects of this particular anabolic steroid is high cholesterol and blood pressure but it is quite rare for someone with no cholesterol or blood pressure issues in the past to experience this side effect. But if you know that you already have high blood pressure or cholesterol you really need to stay below 100mg of Anavar per day to stay clear of these particular side effects.

Another potential side effect of Anavar is a less harmful one but still worth knowing about; acne. If you weren’t already pre-exposed to acne before starting an Anavar cycle, you can be sure to avoid this side effect as long as you keep the standards of cleanliness of your body high, but if you have had acne issues in the past, Anavar may bring them back however it is not a certain thing, once again it depends on the person.