anavar-for-sale-onlineIt is a fact that women can benefit a whole lot more from cycling with Anavar compared to men because of the fact that bodies are just more sensitive to the effects of anabolic steroids.

This is not always a good thing because they are restricted in terms of what they can use to enhance their performance whilst keeping their safety as a number one priority.

It is for this reason that Anavar is by far one of the most popular anabolic steroids for women who are in the bodybuilding of athletic community.

For the most part, the other anabolic steroids that are available are just too potent for a female to be able to tolerate in terms of the serious side effects that it can have and the toll they can take on their bodies. Many females also become worried that many of these anabolic steroids have a similar side effect, which is that they may gain masculine characteristics.

But when it comes to Anavar for women, they do not have to worry about their femininity being destroyed because of the fact that Anavar in particular is one of the mildest anabolic steroids around. It has even gained the nickname of the “girl steroid” as it is known that women can tolerate it and are able to gain more results from it than a male.

Anavar Cycle For Women – Bulking Or Cutting

There are a number of things that makes Anavar especially beneficial for females, one of the main ones apart from the fact that it is the only anabolic steroid that they can really tolerate, is that they can use it at any real time. What I mean by this being so beneficial, especially towards women, is the fact that if a male was to use Anavar during their bulking cycle, they would see quite minimal results, even their dose was quite high because of the fact that Anavar is just too weak for them. They can only utilise the fat burning properties of Anavar when they are cutting, and even then, females can see better results during the same time period.

cutting stack with anavar

During a female’s offseason, when they have goals of trying to increase their strength and muscle mass, Anavar can benefit them in gaining more lean muscle mass. Then when it comes to their cutting cycles, they are able to maintain this lean muscle mass whilst using Anavar. This is one of the many reasons why Anavar has become so popular with female athletes and bodybuilders in particular because of the fact that when you are on a cut and losing body fat, it can be quite easy to also make the mistake of unintentionally burning away muscle as well. So Anavar for women is seen as giving them a great advantage as they can come onto the stage with a fuller and more shredded looking physique.

The fat burning properties of Anavar can be maximised more by females just because it makes such a noticeable difference, because usually, women find it a little harder than men when they are trying to lose body fat, so when they use Anavar, the results they see appear to be maximised as long as they are dieting and exercising correctly. The reason why Anavar is such a fantastic fat burner is because of the fact that it increases the metabolic rate in the body which mean that the fat stores within the body are depleted a whole quicker and more effectively.

Anavar Doses and Cycles for Women

The most common Anavar dose for women is 10mg per day (Anavar for men – 50mg or more) for a cycle duration of six weeks. Some females are able to go up to 20mg per day but for the majority, a dose of 10mg each day is sufficient enough and take into consideration that 20mg is like the maximum amount for a woman to take, so it is not advised to increase your doses to that level as you would just increase your chances of having to deal with some of the unpleasant side effects as a result of taking too much Anavar.

anavar dosage results for men and womenIt is always recommended that you start your cycle off with a low dose and pay really close attention to how your body reacts, if you feel like it is not responding as well as you had hoped, you can increase the dose a little or you may find that the lower dose is working just fine for you and you are seeing results. Also remember that more Anavar does not necessarily mean more results, it may just mean more problems towards your overall health.

Side Effects of Anavar for Women

When it comes to any type of drug, you can expect there to be some sort of side effect, whether it be less serious ones or potentially life threatening ones, you should always be aware of these side effects so that you can keep yourself safe. One of the most concerning side effects of anabolic steroids in general to women is that is can give them masculine traits if they exceed the recommended doses and cycle lengths.

But with Anavar, whilst this side effect may be a potential risk, it is safe to say that it is unlikely, especially if you are sticking within the right doses but if you do notice any changes, do not panic, just discontinue using the steroid. The same goes for some of the other common side effects, such as increased blood pressure and cholesterol, if you notice that they have shot up, stop your cycle and consult a doctor to be safe.