anavar-for-sale-onlineAnavar is one of the mildest anabolic steroids out there, it also goes by the name Oxandrolone and it is often referred to as the “girl steroid” as females can tolerate it much better in comparison to some of the stronger steroids that are available.

Anavar is an extremely fast acting steroid as it starts to go to work in your system without wasting a lot of time to be in its full swing effectiveness, although it is fairly weak so although it is in your system and working pretty quickly, the results most likely won’t be anything too insane.

It is consumed orally by swallowing pills and it usually used by people competing in some sort of bodybuilding or physique competition during the run up to the show date because they give the best results for people when they are in a cutting phase, but as far as an Anavar cycle is concerned, it can vary depending on your gender.

Anavar Cycle For Males and Females

For females, they would be on an Anavar cycle for a fairly short amount of time, six weeks is the recommended time to be on Anavar and their dosages would be anywhere between 10 and 20mg per day, if they go excessively over this dose for a long enough period of time, they will start to notice some side effects, but we’ll go into that later. The Anavar cycle would be started around six weeks prior to the date that the person wants to be “show ready”, meaning they have a low body fat percentage and lean muscle, because Anavar’s benefits are far more effective during a cutting period.

cutting stack with anavar

On the other hand, a male’s Anavar only cycle may differ slightly because of the fact that it is quite a weak anabolic steroid, so the results for a male will not be as good as they are for a female because male’s level of tolerance towards Anavar is higher than a females. It is for this reason that a male’s dosage is higher compared to a female, typically they would be on between 50 and 80mg per day, and just like females they would be on an Anavar cycle for six weeks, however this can start to become costly for a male because they are on a higher dosage meaning they have buy purchase more Anavar throughout their cycle.

The Anavar cycle for both males and females is usually done during the contest prep phase because they are able to gain much more of the benefits from this anabolic steroid at this time compared to the off season because it is such a mild steroid. Anavar would be seen to be used by more women than men whilst they are bulking because they can receive more noticeable gains from the cycle, so let’s go into a little bit more about the kind of results you can expect to see from a successful and properly done Anavar cycle.

Anavar Only Cycle Results

Just like the Anavar cycle, the results vary depending on whether the person is male or female and you may gain some information about whether or not the costs of Anavar would be worth the results or not because it can become a little costly, even though it is a weaker anabolic steroid.

If you are a bodybuilder, male or female, and you are in the off-season, your goals are to gain as much muscle and strength as you can. Well, being on an Anavar only cycle during this period of time will not be very beneficial at all to a male because Anavar doesn’t help promote growth in any of these areas and even if they were to try a cycle whilst bulking, the results would be so minimal that it really is not worth the cost for the majority of male bodybuilders. They would most likely be on something like anavar cycle for men - resultsTrenbolone to increase muscle size and strength with the correct nutrition and training.

A female however, is far more likely to be on an Anavar only cycle during their off-season because they can actually gain some more noticeable benefits from Anavar that may be worth the cost for some. Now, they can’t put on lots and lots of muscle mass, but what they can do is gain more lean muscle tissue, which is only going to benefit them when it comes to preparing to cut down as they don’t have as much fat that they have to lose because an increased amount of their weight gain in lean muscle, instead of fat and muscle together.

The results of Anavar are increased in terms of effectiveness because it promotes fat burning as it increases your body’s metabolic activity and people are able to preserve more muscle tissue which is one of your goals if you are on a cut. So the results during a cut are more noticeable and worthy when in comparison to a bulk but you may be thinking if there’s any side effects to this milder steroid.

Anavar Only Cycle Side Effects

There are some side effects that are worth knowing about as they could become quite harmful however Anavar is fairly mild, so the side effects aren’t going to be anything crazy but here’s some of the most common ones;

Issues with blood pressure and cholesterol, if you have any previous problems concerning these things, you may want to reconsider your use of Anavar to decrease your chances of having any side effects at all. Females may start to notice some more masculine qualities such as the deepening of their voice, the clitoris becoming enlarged, baldness on the scalp and more body hair. Do not start to go into a state of panic straight away because all of these side effects can be reverted as long you stop the Anavar cycle. Always be responsible when taking any anabolic steroid and listen to your body if you begin to notice anything slightly weird going on.