Hello fellow bodybuilders, are you ready to look at another steroid?

This time I will talk about Anavar, a steroid you have probably already heard about.

Now, as usual, I wish to warn you before you read the rest of this write-up that I am not a medical practitioner and do not promote nor condone the use of steroids.

My only goal is to inform you as much as possible so that you can make your own decisions, but even then make sure you consider everything carefully.

Let’s get started…

What Is Anavar?

Steroids come in many different types and not all of them may be suitable for your particular situation. For example, many women bodybuilders and fitness competitors who wish to retain their feminine look avoid highly androgenic steroids, which in turn would cause them to develop male characteristics. Anavar has several properties that I wish to mention:

  • It is very mild on the liver, thus toxicity is low
  • Has very little androgenic properties, which is why many female bodybuilders choose this drug
  • Mildly anabolic
  • Easy on the HPTA, ie. doesn’t cause a lot of testicular shrinkage

Going by the generic name Oxandrolone, Anavar is probably the safest out of all of the oral steroids available today, albeit not as anabolic. Although steroids such as Dianabol and Anadrol put on a lot more muscle, they are also a lot more toxic, especially to the liver. Besides being a lot safer, Anavar also has another property that I really like. Most of the gains you make with this steroid are permanent. This means that although this drug won’t give you a lot of muscle, you stand a good chance of keeping most of it.

Also, Anavar has quite noticeable fat-burning properties as many people will tell you. Just like the muscle gains, the fat loss will also mostly be permanent. Now this drug may sound like it’s perfect. But it does have one drawback: it is very expensive.

When you find Anavar for sale in countries where it is legal, such as Mexico, you can pay up to $1 for 10 mg, which is quite a lot. Underground labs often make their own tablets which are sold for a lot less than the real pharmaceutical thing, and you can even get veterinary versions of the drug.

Let us now talk a little about the types of Anavar available and their common dosages. From personal experience, Anavar mostly comes as 10 mg tablets. But I have seen 20 mg and also 50 mg tabs. They can come in blue, orange, and even white colour, and are mostly circular in appearance.This drug can also come in capsule form and in injectable form, for those of you who aren’t scared of needles.

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Review Of Anavar Usage And Cycles

Generally speaking, a high dose of Anavar is required in order to effectively use this drug. Anything below 20 mg a day is not recommended as you will not see any changes in your physique. In medicine, 20-80 mg are used when treating AIDS and burn patients, so that’s the range you should stay in, although you can also go up to 100 mg. Women who decide to make use of this drug should stay in the lower ranges, preferably in the 2.5-10 mg a day range.

This drug is not very effective as a weight-gain drug, but its strength gain and fat loss properties are quite evident. Most people I know use this drug as a “bridge” in-between cycles, normally at low doses such as 10 mg a day, but it can also be used as an Anavar only cycle. In this case, people normally go for 20-100 mg a day with the aim being to gain strength and lose fat.

The detection time for this drug is quite short (3 weeks) and as such, it is very popular with athletes that take part in competitive drug-tested events. If you follow the “time on = time off” protocol you will be able to go into your competition clean while also keeping most of what you had gotten from the drug, including the fat loss.

This makes it great for athletes that want to make a particular weight-class. Now besides being a popular bodybuilding drug, Anavar also has two other properties that make it very attractive to competitive boxers and martial artists: it improves respiratory function and also helps to heal cutaneous wounds.

Anavar Side Effects

Like I mentioned time and time again in this article, Anavar is very mild and does not cause many of the side effects typically associated with other steroids. Because its androgenic properties are very low, virilization is not a concern. Water weight gain should also not be a problem since it rarely happens when taking this drug.

Thanks a lot for reading this article guys. I hope you have found this information useful, and please don’t hesitate in order to leave a comment below if you have any questions.